nu essence massage services

Swedish Massage

The most popular massage for increasing circulation, reducing stress and relieving pain and tension. Highly recommended for those receiving their first massage.

  • 30 minutes $35
  • 60 minutes $60
  • 90 minutes $90
  • 120 minutes $110

Therapeutic Massage

A step up from the basic Swedish, this massage uses applied pressure and sequenced stretching to eliminate lactic acid and other buildup within the muscles.

  • 30 minutes $40
  • 60 minutes $65
  • 90 minutes $100
  • 120 minutes $130

Deep Tissue Massage

A treatment for those who like a deeper, firmer massage. This massage incorporates Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques to help release chronic muscle tension.

  • 30 minutes $45
  • 60 minutes $70
  • 90 minutes $105

Hot Stone Massage

Tension-releasing massage techniques combined with heated stones. The heat of the stones helps release stress and deeply held tension in muscles.

  • 60 minutes $85
  • 90 minutes $120
  • 120 minutes $155

Bamboo Fusion Massage

Experience a deeper Deep Tissue or a more relaxing Swedish Massage. Tension and tightness melt away under the warm bamboo. A full-body treatment utilizing warm bamboo shoots and rattan tools of different sizes.

  • 60 minutes $65
  • 90 minutes $100

Thai massage

Thai massage combines the techniques of Acupressure and Shiatsu, using various stretches and yoga postures. The massage is performed in silence as the practitioner moves the client thru each position. The practitioner uses applies pressure, manipulation, adjustment and muscle stretching. The session is performed on a thickly padded mat, fully clothed. Positions include laying on your back, sides, and stomach.

  • 90 minutes $110.00

Pregnancy Massage

Perfect for pregnant moms that want tranquil relaxation along with stress reducing methods. This technique relieves muscle cramps and lower back pain and increases blood and lymph circulation. Recommended in 2nd or 3rd trimester.

  • 60 minutes $65

Couples Massage

Traditional Swedish techniques are used to increase circulation, reduce stress and relieve pain and tension. Enjoy this treatment in the same room as your loved one.

  • 30 minutes $70
  • 60 minutes $120
  • 90 minutes $180
  • 120 minutes $220

Complimentary Services

  • Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy
  • Heated Pillow
  • Plush Robe and Locker Storage
  • Use of the Quiet Room

Add on Indulgences

  • CHOCOLATE CAKE OIL $5.00 per half hour.
  • EXPRESS FACIAL (30 minutes) $35
  • STEAMY WONDER SESSION (30 minutes) $35


  • Minutes listed are treatment time totals.
  • Credit Card may be required at time of booking.
  • A 72 hour notice of cancellation for our Day-at-the-Spa packages is required.
  • Gratuities are not included in package prices.